Starting Your Fitness Journey

Taking the ten-year challenge on social media perhaps brought your weight to your notice. Unhealthy eating habits and sedentary lifestyles spiral weight gain, leaving you longing for the time when you used to be slim and smart. As you age, your metabolism tends to slow down, so if you thought sleeping on a McChicken meal would do no harm, think again. Without intervention, there is no way you will shed that visceral fat, which, we might add, also exposes you to a plethora of diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure. In today’s world, losing weight is just as easy as gaining it. While you have the option of meals on-the-go brimmed with fat, you also have the option to exercise in cool gyms or buy state of the art equipment and set up a gymnasium in your own home!.

If you have pledged to embark on this journey of weight loss, you need to hit the gym! Exercise is the single most important thing coupled with diet that can help you stay in shape. Fitness will not only lend you a good body to flaunt, but also prevent you from a host of diseases.If you have selected a gym, the next thing you need is a gym starter kit to set your plan in motion. Getting your very own gym kit will require money and time, and inspire you to take this plan seriously. The feeling of choosing your own starter kit is almost same as you selecting your school bag for the first day of classes. If you aren’t excited yet, what all you need to get will surely get your adrenaline rushing!

Your gym start kit should include all the necessary equipment needed to start rolling. First off, you need a gym bag with just enough storage space to hold your items in place. You will also need workout clothes that amalgamate functionality and comfort, meaning they should offer you just enough stretch. Going to gym without a water bottle is going to be tough, unless you don’t mind running to the water fountain every few minutes. You will also need gym equipment according to your personal fitness goals. Since pesky belly fat is the most difficult to lose, we suggest you get an abdominal exercise cord that will help you exert that specific area. You should definitely include some cardio in your gym starter kit as studies show just ten minutes of cardio are equivalent to thirty minutes of jogging! A skipping rope is a must to lose weight fast. Don’t forget to throw in a sweat towel. With your gym starter kit ready, all you need to do is actually hit the gym!